Coming August 2024

Mafia Confession: "King of Bootleggers" Murder

A must-read for anyone fascinated with Mafia history

A rare inside account of the rise of the "Springfield Crew" in Massachusetts, its ties with the Genovese Crime Family of New York, and its evolution into the present-day Mob.

This crime story is 100% true. From the diary of a man in his jail cell awaiting trial for murder.

The story follows Giuseppe “Joseph” Parisi, who guns down the “King of Bootleggers,” a ruthless crime boss, as his limousine idled against the curb. The ferocious and devastating retaliatory attack that follows on Parisi’s unsuspecting family and attorney. A car to car exchange of gunfire between mob gunmen on a desolate Connecticut roadway. The electrifying trial had over 2,000 people huddled around the courthouse, awaiting every word uttered from within by Parisi’s defense attorney, the future Governor of Massachusetts. The Bootleg Queen is ferociously and savagely ambushed by a gang of ruthless mafia hitmen, marking the first time the mob put a hit on a woman. A notorious gangster, sitting in a barber chair with a towel draped over his shoulders, suddenly a target of a burst of bullets.

Eugenio leaned over from the top bunk and peered at the notebook. “What are you writing, Giuseppe?” he asked.

I sighed and set down my pencil. “It's my diary,” I said, tapping the page. “A way to clear my head of all my troubles.” I paused, my eyes distant, recalling the memories of my past. “I write about my home in Calabria. Growing up with my famiglia, and how I met my beautiful wife, Raffaela. The joy of raising our children together.” I smiled, letting the warmth of the memories fill the room.


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Attorney Ely leaned forward, his brow furrowed in intense concentration. "Who do you think was the man responsible for putting Piemontese up to kill you?" he asked, his voice low and urgent.

The room suddenly seemed to press in on me, the air heavy with the weight of my answer. I took a deep breath before finally speaking. "Carlo Siniscalchi," I said, my voice barely above a whisper.


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Editorial Reviews

"This book is the perfect read for anyone who is a fan of true stories, especially thrillers about organized crime and mafia themes... This story deserves to be filmed." -The Real Gangster Saga

"One of the most gripping true crime stories I have ever read. Be warned: it is not for the faint-hearted. This book will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish... I highly recommend it for true crime aficionados and fans of mob thrillers." -Reader's Favorite Awards"

Mafia Confession is an interesting book on Joseph Parisi, an Italian criminal who indirectly helped cement Genovese control over Springfield, Massachusetts. It is a story of racketeering, vendettas, and corruption.  It is also the story of successful assimilation, as the young immigrant started a business, got rid of his competition, and largely got away with it to live out the American Dream." -Mafia Book Reviews

"Most true crime books have a detached feeling, keeping the reader at arm's length from their subject. The unique storytelling style of Mafia Confession lends a more personal and emotional feel to the history of a murder." -Reedsy

"As well as being a rollicking true crime story, it's the most complete insider history of the Mafia in Springfield, Massachusetts, written to date. A must-read." -Mafia Genealogy

"Very well written by Author Nick Parisi, he takes readers back to the days of prohibition seen through the eyes of a family member who was there." -New England Wiseguys

"One of the best new Organized Crime books." -Book Authority

"An absorbing, intimate, alluring story of one man's tumultuous family history." -Johnny Mathis, Legendary Singer and Grammy Hall of Famer

The menacing weapons glowed in the moonlight; their barrels pointed towards the Miranda car. The air was tense as the sedan driver pinned Pasqualina to the curb.

Suddenly, the men let loose a hail of lead, the thundering echoes of the guns reverberating through the air. Bullets pounded the driver's side window, shattering it into a million pieces and leaving gaping holes in the windshield.