Nicholas Parisi

Nick was born in West Springfield, Massachusetts, having grown up among "The Families" on both sides of the river, direct descendants of the individuals he portrays in his works. Through his art, he immortalizes the stories of those who have come before, honoring their memory for generations to come.

When he is not writing about the New England Mafia, he can be spotted on the golf course, fly fishing in his favorite river, playing poker, or at a local winery.

Nick, the father of Giovanni, Dominic, and Anthony, resides in Southern California with Renee, his beloved partner.

MAFIA CONFESSION- "King of Bootleggers" Murder

In his book, Author Nicholas Parisi dives deep into the dark, riveting history of his family's notorious past as bootleggers. Brimming with vivid and powerful details, the stories will transport you to a different era, where you can almost feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as the tales of intrigue, mystery, and danger unfold. Nick's unique perspective sheds light on the characters and their motivations, drawing you into their complex lives and stirring powerful emotions within you. His captivating writing brings the stories to life with a character-rich voice that will leave you wanting more.

A Bronx Tale

Actors Taral "Jane" Hicks and Lilo "Cologero" Brancato, from the hit movie A Bronx Tale, pose with Author Nicholas Parisi with their copies of his book, Mafia Confession.